Analyzing Adichie's Speech On Racial Discrimination

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A black girl called Adichie gave her speech about the childhood,life experience of black people like her. Her stories talked about lives of black people which were covered by people’s prejudices. She encouraged people to know about more stories of the world with positive energy. I would like to analyze her speech through the hot topic about racial discrimination, and her suggestion about people should avoid prejudices from “Single Story.”

First of all, racial discrimination is a continuing subject. There is a proverb said, “A good beginning is half done.” Choosing a hot topic such as stories about color people to get discrimination from the world is already half success. In the current, racial discrimination still happened everywhere although
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(Victoria) When I heard this news, I felt disappointment and absurd that some people would be hostile to others just because they have different colors. There is another article I read about racial discrimination. It was a letter written by a black father; he told his son some cruel but real phenomena about Prejudice between different races in the world. He said that he hated to be seen as a “heresy,” he even thought about escaping from his body. (Coats) Coats said it was traditional to destroy the black body in America. I set in front of my computer, deep in thought. Tradition should not be discrimination, but something valuable. However, even law, the symbol of fairness, discriminate people because of their race. Mikia Hutchings, a 12-year-old girl, led to a juvenile criminal case because she wrote on a wall at school with her friend. When she received papers accused her of a trespassing misdemeanor and a potential felony, her white friend was let go after parents paid restitution.(Vega) It was shocked me because the little girl had to bear all penalty although she only wrote one word. Racial discrimination never minds the age or gender, and in most…show more content…
In Adichie’s speech, she said she was surprised when she saw a skilled handwork from a rural family because the only thing she knew about the rural family was poor. Adichie said she was influenced by “Single Story.”(Adichie) I will never suggest people justify something before they get know about themselves. I always believe that prejudices equal to opinionated thoughts which will be the biggest barriers to development. For example, Qing Dynasty, a dynasty of my country in the history, adopted the closed-door policy since the 1700s. In the 1900s, the whole society developed backward by comparing with other countries and finally overthrew by people.(Annie) The main reason of Qing Dynasty adopted the closed-door policy was the power-holder only had the “Singer Story.” They were afraid of outside culture before getting known about the outside world, and the arrogant power-holder thought they were strong enough. Back to the theme, prejudices are dangerous that it probably covered the truth. In Coats’ letter to his son, he talked about black children were same as all of the children from other races. They like football games and model trains; they like birthday parties and warm embraces; however, Coats was threatened by guns when he was 11, and a white woman pushed his 5-year-old son on
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