Analyzing Current Situation Of Us Economy And Comparing It With Past Years

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Index Sr. No. Description Page No. i Introduction 01 ii Current economic scenario 02 iii Research 03 iv Causes of Inflation 04 v How to fix it? 05 vi Alternatives 06 vii Financing Options 07 viii Tools and Methods 08 ix Analysis – Example 09 x Conclusion 10 xi Appendix Project Outline: Analyzing current situation of US economy and comparing it with past years and suggesting ways to improve the current scenario is the objective of this project report. Introduction What do you mean by Economic Analysis? The process of analyzing the strengths & weaknesses of an economy is called as Economic analysis. Probably the most important aspect of any organization, it helps us get a clearer picture of the accurate condition of the economy…show more content…
Also a good way to analyze an economy is by comparing its policies with those of other economies. More applicable to similar types of economies, example developing economies. (Economic Analysis, retrieved on 2015, April 2) Current Economic Scenario The chart above (Perry M, 2013) highlights the most interesting parts of the current state of the US economy: 1. Comparing the 3rd quarter of 2013 to the 4th quarter of 2007 (When the great recession hit the nation), we can observe that the real GDP has definitively recovered by 5.6% represented by the blue line. (Perry M, 2013) 2. Analogous to the former scenario, the US economy was able to achieve a complete recovery from the Great Recession in terms of real GDP, and is now producing $843 billion more output than in Q4 2007, the new record level of economic output in the US is being produced with two million fewer workers than in the last quarter of 2007 (see red line in chart). (Perry M, 2013) 3. Concluding from the above two points, corporate profits are at acme and greater than 40% more over the pre-recession peaks. (Perry M, 2013) 4. Although it has recovered from the economic crisis in the monetary sense, U.S. is still under the state of employment recovery, which is a potential issue. (Perry M, 2013) Research Predictions for next 10 years: Based on the above research predicted above (CBO, Budget 2014) for the upcoming 10 years
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