Analyzing Gentlemen Prefer Blondes By Lorelei Lee

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (GDB) is a literary narrative, since it is a written work that involves a plot and a particular point-of-view. In this case, GPB is told through a first-person perspective through the character, Lorelei Lee. 2) What function of literature, according to the four we learned, does this text fulfill? Explain your reasoning by selecting a moment from the text and describing how this scene demonstrates the function you chose. This text, GPB, fulfills the entertainment function of literature. For example, on the last paragraph, the protagonist, Lorelei Lee, describes a time where everyone around her wanted her to pursue a musical career. However, she did not want to pursue this type of career and through her humorous narrative she describes how she became temperamental while practicing her music. For instance, she addresses the coincidence that music causes her to lose her temper while writing helps her to take all the temperament out of her. Lorelei entertains us by the fact that by writing about this moment she has written a lot. She is also humoring us with the fact that writing about an event that causes her temperament, calms her down as well. This passage makes the reader wonder what other …show more content…

Eisman since they always seem to do the same activities together and end the day quite late. As a result, she becomes quite fatigued and does not feel the need to do anything until the time comes to hang out with him again. She then ends up writing about the possibility of being an authoress and how it calms her down. The irony of this text is that although Lorelei says there is nothing interesting that happens to her, she already wrote two pages onto the next date. The other ironic point, is the fact that although she says writing takes the temperament out of her, she became temperamental writing about her

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