Analyzing Gladwell's 'Consuming Passion'

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Shopping is the art of purchasing goods from stores, it's one of my favorite hobbies. The feeling of attaining a new piece of clothing or multiple pieces of clothing gives me a high that no chemical can compare to. However I have come to the realization that it is just not my own on motivation driving me to want to shop but the stores have a way of manipulating their customers to buy more. One of my favorite store growing up would be Hollister Co. my friends and I were patrons of this store. Looking back I think Hollister is the perfect example of how retail stores use special tactics to manipulate their customers. As soon as you walk in into Hollister all your senses are overtaken by their carefully planned tactics to make their customers …show more content…

The store associates are dressed in the season's latest looks marketing to the incoming customers. The music is blasting with a bohemian and beachy tunes, which parents may not appreciate but it was what makes the adolescents happy. The store appeals to your senses all in order to make you buy more. I find my friends and me drooling over all the new clothes in stock. But after reading Gladwell's “Consuming Passion” I began making connection in my own life. There is a reason why as soon as I walk into the store I have the overwhelming urge to buy everything in the store, or at least try everything I see. The way they layout the all the clothes in the table it's not a mistake they are simply encouraging the feel of being at home and radiating a comfortable feeling so their customers can relax, touch the clothing, and spend more money. If the conditions are right the customer will be able to buy anything. The stores uses colors to appeal to the sense of sight of the customers a feeling of happiness which would cause them to shop more. However my favorite conditions of all times are clearance because I love a great deal. When you see the signs outside the store saying the sales are here yet again or when you get an email with special coupon always gives me a sense of

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