Tactics Of The Supermarket : Prime Real Estate

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Tactics On A Daily Basis Ever walk into a store with a defined list, but still get other items you never intended to get? Well, in Marion Nestle’s article “The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate,” Nestle goes into detail about how the supermarkets in your daily life uses many tricks to get you to buy items and spend money. Nestle claims that supermarkets and their managers study habits of shoppers to gain the control using certain tactics. According to Nestle, “This research tells food retailers how to lay out the stores, where to put specific products, how to position products on shelves, and lastly how to set prices and advertise products” (Nestle 498). Some tactics that Marion Nestle mention are product location, music, and even item size. During the course of my paper I will convince you that these tactics are in fact real and bring more to your attention. Us consumers have to stick together and this is the first step. The first tactic that comes to mind is sale papers. Sale papers are everywhere: at the store when you first walk in, when you’re leaving the store and lastly even in your mailbox. Sale papers to supermarkets and their managers is the first way that they get consumers to think about and even enter the store. When looking at a sale papers there are many things to notice that are to grab your attention and get you into the store buying items. The first is which words are bigger than others, which colors are used, and lastly how big the picture of the item

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