Analyzing The Consumers Generating Inter Harmonic Frequencies

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Alexander B. Nassif and Jing Yong [7] have proposed a method to identify the consumers generating inter harmonic frequencies. The inter-harmonics can be measured by means of Impedance based approach applied at the metering point. The main idea is that, the inter-harmonic impedance of the system is much smaller than that of an inter-harmonic generating load. This method can identify the source of each inter-harmonic component without having to rely solely on the active power measurement and requires only an approximate value for the inter-harmonic impedance measured at the metering point. As per references [2], [6], [7], [9] any device with nonlinear characteristics which derive their input power from a sinusoidal electrical system may be responsible for injecting harmonic currents & voltages into the electrical system [2, 6, 7, 9 ]. Francisco C. De la rossa [2] have described ,all possible nonlinear loads . Among them few are Power converters such as Variable frequency drives, DC motor controllers, Cycloconverter, Cranes, Elevators ,Steel mills, Power supplies, UPS,Battery chargers, Inverters & ARC devices such as Fluorescent lighting, ARC furnaces, Welding machines. According to authors [2] ,[7] Even linear loads like power transformers can act nonlinear under saturation conditions. This occurs beyond the so-called saturation knee of the magnetizing curve of the transformer. [2],[7]. According to author Joseph S. Subjak [9], Communication interference

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