Analyzing Woolf´s View on Wealth and a Room of One´s Own is Necessary to Become a Good Writer

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Virginia Woolf's inspiring work tries to take on many problems in regard to women's work. She takes into consideration comparisons between women's and men's privilleges. Man's greatest advantages over woman would be their chances and opportunities to succeed and the chance to express themselves. Woolf believes , that wealth and a room of one's own is necessary in order to attain intellectual freedom is incorrect and misleading as it does not take into consideration education, having a good self esteem, access to all resources, not having domestic hindrances. These all inclusive of having wealth is essential for a writer to flourish. The access to all opportunities especially literature is essential to attain intellectual freedom as …show more content…

For example Shakespeare could have had a “ wonderfully gifted sister,” but she did not get the same opportunities to express herself as Shakespeare had. She must have had to stay at home , unable to be educated. She must have been forced into marriage,pressured by her parents , then run away from this torture and due to frustration killed herself because of her frustrated genius. Women in those days were necessarily not as smart as Shakespeare but they were definitely not talentless. Rather they were rather not given the same chances. As they were poor , uneducated, and enslaved by domestic duty. Shakespeare was not born as an intellect, he definitely had talent, however he was not those who was in the company of the uneducated or laboring people. Only when some one is amongst people of the same intellect level can they bounce their ideas off . Writers need to be nurtured and moulded to bring out the best of their capabilities. ' Only the Educated are free' hence this underlines the importance of education, and even if a woman has a room of her own and five hundred pounds as she will still never be free as her creativity will be hindered without education.

Another important factor to attain a good level of writing is Self – esteem. Self esteem enables you to have the right attitude to succeed at work . Sometimes since women had low self-esteem, it enabled men to take advantage of them and weaken them. Throughout the ages women were not encouraged to become artists

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