Analyzing the Death Penalty

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I think it shouldn’t be a death penalty because you jus injecting someone and jus looking at them die I feel like no one should die like dat. It have been capital punishment because it was reinstated in the U.S. following a four court ruled it unconstitutional in 1972. Many states now do not use death penalty today because you can miss out on a blessing by doin something like that. Just like a Young man name Troy Davis from Georgia they are trying to give him death penalty he was accused of killing a white man Knowing he is a innocent men but they are trying to take him out he probably got kids and stuff he got to live for a family to take care but if they give him the Death penalty he wont be able to do nhun of that with his family I don’t know him but ikno he is a innocent men and Georgia should stop and help troy davis from getting injective with that stuff I know his family don’t want too see him like that and lose him to the death penalty but the world is carzy now days. Over 100 men have been released from death penalty. There are many victims who oppose the death penalty are denied their leg as a defined by the laws of their states. Because they are often not allowed to make statements on the trial, because they are pro- defendant, and even excluded from the court prosecution. There are only a few states who still do the death penalty. This population is split wheather execute someone in…

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