Analyzing the Truman Show Essay

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Analyzing the Truman Show One physical feature of Seahaven that reeks of a movie-set, is the disorder or absence of, that typical life indubitably suffers from. Everything from the dog to the cars, the window cleaner to the mother pushing the pram is set by the director Christoff on a preset course round and round their particular area or doing the same job over and over again. This prevents any chaos from erupting and wipes out the need for policemen, which we obviously didn't see any in the Truman Show. Their itinerary is the same everyday and it is bound to be conspicious, however it is not until the end of the movie that Truman enlightens upon this fact. Another apparent movie set prop…show more content…
In no matter what country from every New Yorkian city to a small outback community, rubbish on the ground always outnumber 10 times the size of the human population. Seahaven with its spotless streets is a illusion of the perfect heaven. No one lives in poverty and the neighbourhood is clean and quiet. As a matter of fact, Christoff is projecting into Truman's mind a vision of a dreamworld that is Seahaven. While commenting heavily on the outside world's disasters and violence, no bad aspect of the real world is allowed to leak in and contaminate his master plan. Note the scenes in which we are made aware of the relationship between Truman and his audience. How do these scenes reveal what is really going on? A number of dedicated viewers of the Truman Show are introduced to us. They are the people of the real world looking into the intimate life of a real person un-knowingly living in a make-believe movieset, the size of a small city. There is a obese man who lives in his bathtub and who also lives to watch the Truman Show. This also applies to two old couch-potato ladies, one of them whose obvious favourite possesion is a cushion with Truman's face stitched on. The appeal of the Truman Show is worldwide and apparently very riveting as demostrated by scenes of an oriental family quite enjoying the show. Some moments could be
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