Anarchism and Elitism in the United States

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The United States was founded with the vision for freedom. Oppression had been experienced by our founding fathers and they knew it was absolutely necessary to provide structure to prevent oppressive governments in the future. The solution was a limited government that bordered the edge of anarchy, yet just enough structure to have order and civility. The design was to stay far from elitism so no government could control the people and allow the people to control the government. Today’s current political climate allows us to take one of two sides: Democrat or Republican. The Democrats believe the Republicans have it all wrong because they are avoiding the opportunities for government to take care of the people. The Republicans think the Democrats have it all wrong because they are destroying the economy and power of America by redistributing the wealth to those who have not legitimately earned it.

While we have been busy feuding between the two parties we have not even noticed the transition our country has taken. Today we are so far from the Constitution and we are now skirting the edge of tyranny. Throughout the years, political scientist and philosophers have expanded on a wide array ideologies, or types of governments that can be organized. These types of government are for the most part, equally limited. Therefore, a state being governed under the principles of liberalism does not usually practice socialism. These political ideologies have played an essential role in

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