Anarchy Is A State Of Lawlessness Essay

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Anarchy is a state of lawlessness: in the concept of international relations, international anarchy is a hypothesis that the world does not have a supreme authority (Baylis, Smith &Owens 2014). As such, the world does not have a powerful, representative and inclusive source of influence that regulates the interaction between states, individuals and polities. This creates a state of lawlessness. The world has no central power to maintain law, resolve differences and create an order for peaceful and constructive coexistence in an international political space (Heywood 2014). International relations (IR) is an educational discipline that studies the interaction of states and non-state bodies. One key theoretical assumption especially in the interaction between state players is that there is anarchy/lawlessness as all the states have their sovereignty; each state is theoretically not answerable to any authority. Liberalists/ liberal thinkers are individuals in international relations who among other characteristics object the warfare philosophies of realism in international space. They reject power politics as the most favourable outcomes in international relations and promote cooperation to obtain mutual benefits between states (Heywood 2014). Liberalists support development of strong international organizations and non-governmental bodies to regulate policy choices and preferences of states. Their goals are to create order between state players and overcome anarchy. This
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