Anastasia And Naveen In The Kingdom Of Complexia

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Once upon a time there lived a poor servant couple Anastasia and Naveen in the kingdom of Complexia. They served King Rowan and Queen Willow night and day for 3 years straight so they could get land and get permission to start a family. Like the king and queen promised they gave them land and 3 months later Anastasia got pregnant. While they are not still serving the king and queen anymore they still had to go to the castle once a week to cook and clean for them for money to sustain a family.

7 months in the pregnancy Anastasia grew very ill. So she went to the woods and prayed to the gods to save her baby. Knowing the queen only allowed the women to get pregnant once and each family was allowed one baby. She cried and prayed wishing the gods will answer her, she was answered but it wasn't by a god it was by a coyote in a purple cape. The coyote spoke “cry no more my child your wish is my command” Anastasia responded “I’m not sure” He cuts her off and says “You know Rosemary?” “yes” replies Anastasia ”I help her with her baby” says the coyote, Anastasia remembers the situation and agrees to take whatever to coyote gave her. The coyote pulls out a cup full of tea she drank it but by the time she was done the coyote was gone. She walked home,and when she got there she went straight to bed and slept for 24 hours. Naveen had to stay over at the castle for a week this time so he had no clue what she has done. …show more content…

2 girls they looked just alike but one had a brown spot on her face. When Queen Willow heard about the 2 babies she was extremely upset, so she took one of the babies and named it Magnolia. Anastasia was devastated, so she decided to lose all attachment to the other baby and raised the other baby Rosalie as an only

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