Ancient Egypt And Ancient Ghana Empires

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African civilizations prior to initial contact with Europeans in the mid-15th century were scientifically, politically, and economically advanced. Although many scholars claim that Africa was ahistoric until Europeans “saved” them, both Ancient Egypt and Ancient Ghana empires show that Africans had created sophisticated civilizations without European influence. The Ancient Egyptian empire was mainly the product of a farming and technological revolution. Animal domestication, crop cultivation, and mass farming laid the foundations for civilization to flourish, and these factors led permanent communities to develop. Ancient Egypt also became known for the domestication of wheat and barley. The lifestyle of the people in Ancient Egypt was supported by the location of the Nile river that allowed an aquatic culture to grow. Not only did the Nile river allow for irrigation practices and fertile land for crops, the Nile river also made it possible for trade to be established. Thus, the origins of Ancient Egypt were strongly influenced by the culture of the Afro-Asiatic people and the Nilo-Saharans. The Afro-Asiatic people were skilled at collecting and grinding grains, and the Nilo-Saharans shared techniques for hunting large antelope and other grassland animals. The Nile river made it possible for people to travel to and from Egypt to share such ideas and cultures. The Egyptian empire successfully lasted 3000 years after King Narmer of Upper Egypt conquered lower Egypt and

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