Ancient Egyptian Civilization : Ancient Civilization

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The ancient Egyptian civilization is one of the oldest known civilizations in history. It is believed that the ancient Egyptian civilization, based in eastern North Africa, started around 3150 B.C., and survived until 31 B.C. In this ancient civilization, art was considered to be magical. Whether in the form of painting, sculpture, carving or script, art held the power to maintain universal order and grant immortal life by appealing to various gods to act on behalf of people, both in life and in death . In Egypt, artwork was everywhere. It was an essential part of public buildings such as temples and palaces. Symbols in artwork were believed to offer protection from evil influences in life and the next. As such, art was crucial in elaborate tombs housing mummified remains. Artwork in the tombs of Egypt was considered the point of contact between the land of the living and that of the deceased. If certain formulas for the creation of art were followed and the right gods were supplicated, all Egyptians, from the wealthy to the poor, could look forward to completing their earthly life. Thus, they could successfully navigating the dangerous underworld and traverse into the blessed, eternal afterlife. Egyptian tombs were like secret art galleries that were never meant to be seen by human eyes. Instead, these amazing examples of artistic craftsmanship spoke only to an elite group of visitors – the gods . Painted on the wall of a tomb belonging to the Pharaoh Menna, who…
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