Ancient Greece Compared To Modern Society

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The ancient Greeks were a very well established society, and lots of their inventions and creations are still used today, but some of their equality aspects and a few other things in society were very biased and unfair. Firstly, the Ancient Greeks had a very complex and specific law and government system. Due to the large population of Greece, in 507 BC, the Athenian leader at the time (Cleisthenes) created a system of democracy, and a social hierarchy. This was a very complex system states that all people or citizens have the right to have a say in who is their leader, and is still used today in many parts of the world. Although this sounds equal and fair, only eligible citizens could vote. Then came the social hierarchy. Gods at the top, then kings and priests, wealthy merchants, and so on, with women and children, slaves and servants sitting at the bottom. Only men who were wealthy, owned land, and were born in a city state were allowed to vote, excluding all women. This is very different today, where, in Australia, the only voting restrictions are age and citizenship. Much of the society in ancient Greece was male dominated and followed the social hierarchy. This affected who attended assemblies and political meetings, who was allowed to compete/watch the Olympics and other sports, etc. the Olympics were avery big part of their ives and it has kept its tradition still today. The sporting element in ancient Greece was mostly made up of the Olympics and training for

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