Ancient Greek And Roman Empires Essay

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Most of the history of the past that is known today has been gathered from primary sources of the times of interest such as original documents and objects. It is through these sources that historians are able to gain an in depth, and maybe sometimes biased, view into the lives of the people of the time and what was going on in the period. Despite being two vastly different genres of primary sources, Cicero’s letters and Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey, give some of the best ideas into life for the ancient Greek and Roman empires. Through analysis of these two works, some key similarities and differences of how both empires functioned are brought to light. During Odysseus’s travels and Cicero’s exile, both dreamt of nothing but being able to return home to the place they belonged. Calypso, who had been keeping Odysseus on her island for several years, in an attempt to get him to stay with her even tries to tempt Odysseus with immortality and warns him of the troubles he will have attempting to return and upon arriving (Odyssey 72-73). Despite this temptation and the warning, Odysseus says: My thought-full Penelopeia, beside you, is not so tall or striking to look at. The lady will die; you are undying and ageless. Even so I go on longing all of my days here to sail back home, to see that homecoming light. (Odyssey 73)
Despite the pleasures he may have and the troubles he may avoid by staying with Calypso, Odysseus still desires nothing more than to return

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