Ancient Greeks And The Sumerians

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The Samarra culture developed into the Sumerians, from 4800 to 1750BC, with 19 dynasties and 103 kings that developed into one of the earliest civilizations on earth. Their existence as a civilization was not even discovered until the middle of 1800AD. As a result of the ancient Greeks and Egyptians who wrote about the Babylonians most people did not realize that the Sumerians preceded the Babylonians. Furthermore, it was the Sumerians that developed writing, a religion and numerous agricultural methods, which continued on with the following civilizations. A combination of British, German and French archeologists, in early 1800AD, began to dig out the earthen mounds of the remains of cities that once existed and flourished for thousands …show more content…


As a result, the type of government that the Akkadian rulers created became the foundation, which all of the following civilizations in Sumer and later in Babylonia used. Akkad was the first dynasty to maintain a record the proper names and history of the kings. In addition the Akkadians also replaced all of the various languages spoken along with their dialects with just two languages. In order to unite all of the different cultures, Akkadian became the common language spoken and written along with Sumerian, which became used only for religious ceremonies and scientific purposes. Throughout the years, hundreds of clay tablets written entirely in Old Akkadian were discovered and dated from around 2500BC. During the rule of Sargon the Great, 2270 to 2215BC, Akkad became one of the premiere nations and cultures of its time. Akkadian and Sumerian coexisted for about 1,000 years with Sumerian language finally ending up as more of a literary language in 1800BC. The Sumerian 's cuneiform writing system is second oldest after the Egyptian hieroglyphs and originally used to keep records of debt, payments and inventory of farming and trade businesses. Later on, the use of cuneiform writing became used for messages, mail, recording history, mathematics, writings of mythology and astronomical records. The Gutian Dynasty, from 2150 to 2050BC, began in the Zargos Mountains located north of the Mesopotamian Valley and

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