Ancient People And Agriculture

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Ancient people set a building block that we today still build upon. There are many ways ancient people have done this, such as developing spoken language and inventing farming/agriculture. I think that farming and agriculture had the biggest impact of all on society, from ancient to modern times, because it helped people have a permanent home, develop more specialized jobs, and create new technologies.

Before I start talking about farming and agriculture, I will explain a little about the history of it. Farming and agriculture began during the Neolithic Era, or the New Stone Age, about 10,000 years ago, first in Southwest Asia. The reason farming and agriculture was now possible was because the Ice Ages ended. The Ice Ages were when there were long periods of freezing weather. During this time, the whole ground would be covered in ice, and the sea levels were very low. The water was so low that strips of land, called land bridges, let people cross rivers, seas, and maybe even oceans. Then, a warm …show more content…

They did not have to be busy chasing herds of animals around just to stay alive, because the introduction of farming and agriculture gave the community enough food. Because of their new permanent homes, this also allowed them to develop new things, such as pottery, weaving, and even one of the most important tools, the wheel. Farming and agriculture also gave people more freedom, because now, since there is a reliable source of food, farms, there was much more free time that they could spend on hobbies. The food surplus also freed people to specialize in jobs. People who are talented at something, could choose that job, so they could be as productive to the community as possible. They could also choose a job that they enjoyed to do. Also, permanent homes led to villages developing, which then led to towns and

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