Ancient Rome, the Roman Colosseum

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Ancient Rome, The Roman Colosseum

Historians have always used great structures from the ancient world to find out information about the kind of lives they used to live. The Colosseum in Ancient Rome, Italy was one of the most famous structures. The Colosseum in Rome gives historians a number of insights to the type of civilization that existed during the time of the ancient empire, through the gory battles and violent games that took place. This can be proven by the purpose of the Colosseum and the context surrounding its construction, the political and economic benefit of the Colosseum to the empire, the types of games which were held in the arena and the values which the structure suggests were important to the civilization at the …show more content…

The construction of the Colosseum was a propaganda exercise with the aim of pleasing the citizens which meant that the emperor kept himself in power. The emperors bought their popularity through free entertainment and corn for the spectators which lead to the emperor buying the peoples votes (Hopkins, 2011). The magnificent amphitheatre entertained the roman public becoming an international emblem and propaganda tactic used by emperors to improve their political careers.
The economic benefit that the Colosseum had for Rome was enormous. The Colosseum provided many jobs for the citizens of Rome; including work as ticket sellers, architects, merchants, slaves, cleaners, curtain pullers, soldiers (crowd control), musicians, gladiators, animal trainers, sand layers, engineers etc. (DeLasCasas, 2007). It also assisted the economy as it provided opportunities for money to move around the different class levels as merchants sold many assets at the games. Another way that money came into the Ancient Roman economy was through gambling, people would win and lose fortunes at the games similar to the way people bet on today’s sporting events. According to DeLasCasas, 2007, when the Colosseum was closed in 399 AD the Roman economy suffered as it meant no jobs for a number of citizens, which lead to them not being able to provide for their families and this lead to poverty. The Roman Colosseum had a positive impact on the Ancient Roman economy giving

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