And Setting In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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What if you could own a room, a room where whatever you thought took form? It would, of course, not be real. But it would smell real, look real, and feel real. Would this be a room you would want? Ray Bradbury, an author, tells of such a story using many different writing techniques. Ray Bradbury uses setting, conflict, and foreshadowing to manipulate the plot of the story “The veldt” and make it more interesting. Setting is an important part to any story whether it be fictional, sci-fi ,romance, or any story for that matter. But setting is more than just a place and a time. Setting is also how the author saturates the story with mood and meaning. The setting for “The Veldt” is in a Happylife home, where all actions are performed for them by machines. Tying shoes, cooking, all things are done for them by machines. While this may sound like a pretty good place to live, it does have it’s shortcomings. It would give you no work ethic for starters. But in “The Veldt” the conflict only surrounds the mechanical home to an extent. The conflict more pertains to a room in the known only to the reader by “the nursery”. It is essentially a room where whatever you imagine comes to fruition. The children in the story, or what the reader may deem the antagonists, have dreamt up a room of Africa. Not the fun Africa with festivals and hotels either. The africa with lions that kill and a blazing hot sun. This sort of setting puts across that the children in the story are very upset and are

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