Andrew Jackson : The Second President Of The Democratic Party

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Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), Americas seventh President, was born into poverty and became wealthy as a Tennessee lawyer and politician by 1812. His leadership developed while the United States and Britain fought against one another. Throughout the battle Jackson showed great leadership skills and direction. Some say he became America’s most influential and polarizing political figure between the 1820 and 1830. Jackson first ran for President in the 1824 presidential election losing in a close race to John Quincy Adams. Four years later Jackson defeated Adams to become the Seventh President of the United States. America’s political party’s evolved and Jackson was the leader of the Democratic Party. He was a big supporter of states’ rights and supporter the extension of slavery into western territories. He also opposed the Bank of the United States. Jackson was born in a region near the border of both North and South Carolina, while both states claim him as a native son, he has been quoted saying he is from South Carolina. Both of his parents were Irish immigrants with little money. With very little household income he lacked a formal education. In 1780, while the British marched through the Carolinas, both of his brothers and his mother were killed during this conflict. Also for a short period of time Jackson was imprisoned by the British. This left an everlasting impression and resentment toward Great Britain. Even though Jackson had little schooling he…
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