Andrew Jackson : The Second President Of The Democratic Party

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Andrew Jackson (1767-1845), Americas seventh President, was born into poverty and became wealthy as a Tennessee lawyer and politician by 1812. His leadership developed while the United States and Britain fought against one another. Throughout the battle Jackson showed great leadership skills and direction. Some say he became America’s most influential and polarizing political figure between the 1820 and 1830. Jackson first ran for President in the 1824 presidential election losing in a close race to John Quincy Adams. Four years later Jackson defeated Adams to become the Seventh President of the United States. America’s political party’s evolved and Jackson was the leader of the Democratic Party. He was a big supporter of states’ …show more content…

With this gained knowledge of law he was granted admission to the North Carolina bar in 1787. Shortly after, he began to practice law as a prosecuting attorney in an area which was later known as Nashville, Tennessee. Jackson prospered and gained enough wealth to build a home, called the Hermitage, near Nashville and also purchased slaves. Possibly the start of Jackson’s political career sparked from him joining a convention in 1796, to draft a new Tennessee state constitution. He later became the first man to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Tennessee. Jackson declined to seek reelection and returned home March of 1797. Almost directly following his decision, he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Again, Jackson decided to leave and resigned a year later. He was then elected Judge of Tennessee’s superior court. Following this, he was elected to the position of head of the state militia just before the war with Great Britain in 1812, which played a pivotal role for Jackson’s future.

Jackson served as a Major General during the War of 1812. Under his command he led the U.S. through a five month long campaign against the Creek Indians which were known allies of the British. He claimed victory in the battle of Tohopeka also known as Horseshoe Bend in Alabama in 1814. Later Jackson led U.S. forces to a victory over the British known as the Battle

of New Orleans in 1815.

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