Essay on Andrew Jackson: A Great Leader?

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Was Andrew Jackson great as everyone thinks? Andrew Jackson was born in the back woods settlements in the Carolinas in 1769. He was born to Elizabeth Jackson, who came from Ireland. It is said that she was traveling across the Appalachian mountain after she was done burying Andrew Jacksons father when she had him. That is why Andrew Jackson exact location was unknown. Also he had two brother named Hugh, and Robert. Andrew Jackson was not very well educated he had an education that was not as regular as the other kids. Andrew Jackson joined the local militia when he was only thirteen years of age. He was the courier in the revolutionary war. Later on during the war his brother Hugh died in battle in 1779. After that both Andrew and his …show more content…

In 1801 Andrew Jackson was selected to be the commander of the Tennessee militia. His military experience helped him in the war of 1812, when he won against the creeks Indians at horseshoe bend. By winning that battle he had gained twenty million acres, which is the present day Georgia and Alabama. After what Andrew Jackson has done to his nation he was promoted to a major general. After a couple years he was named a national hero, because of his tremendous win against the British. When he had led five thousand soldiers to victory against seven thousand five hundred British, in New Orleans. After his success he received a gold medal. Also his troops had nicknamed him old hickory, because it was said that Andrew Jackson was “as tough as old hickory wood” (pg 1). In 1817 Jackson had his first Seminole war, and he captured the Pensacola, which is in Florida, then he went on to capture Spanish territory. By capturing that area he became the military governor of Florida, because he overthrew the previous governor, who was José Masot, who was secretly helping out the Indians in wars. So that title of being a governor of Florida, he had held for ten months.
Second, Andrew Jackson had very successful political career. After he resigned from being a senate, he once again was reelected to the U.S senate in 1822. After that the state group rallied around him, and then the he was nominated for the U.S presidency by the Pennsylvania convention. Even though Andrew Jackson was the

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