Andy Thomson: A Political Leader with Courage

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My essay about a political leader who had courage is about Andy Thompson. I met Representative Thompson his first year running for State Representative and have helped with his campaigns since then. He served three terms on Marietta’s city council. He is now currently serving his second term in the Ohio House of Representatives. Representative Thompson serves the 95th district in Ohio, which includes Noble, Harrison, and Carroll counties, as well as parts of Washington and Belmont counties. He is someone that I know will stay true to his Conservative core values when making political decisions. During his second term serving in the Ohio House of Representatives, Rep. Thompson introduced House Bill 237. House Bill 237 was a bill designed to cut the funding of Common Core in Ohio. In June of 2010, the Ohio State Board of Education adopted the Common Core Standards. The Common Core Standards are a set of standards for 4 school subjects. Those 4 subjects are English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, though the Social Studies and Science Standards have not introduced into the school systems yet.
Opponents of Common Core have raised many concerns over the new standards. Some parents are upset because the school learning systems/materials are no longer local, they come from Washington DC. If a parent has a problem or concern with what their children are being taught in English class, they no longer can just go to the school to voice their concern. They would at

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