Angelina Morales Behind Religion

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Most people turn to religion for many different reasons, whether those reasons are because fear, tradition or just desperate times; in the end of every situation these people feel better knowing they have their life’s in greater hands. In the case of Angelina Morales Behind a strict wife and loving mother there was a woman who had ineffable faith. “No, thank God” says Angelina after I thank her for the dinner. Her entire life she believed that there was something greater than us existing. I could recall Angelina always going to church and preaching “the word of God”, at times she would even take me forcefully. Going to church and preaching gave her true happiness, happiness she wasn’t able to find anywhere else. Angelina always looked at the bright perspective of many negative situations, she always believed that God would intervene in the…show more content…
There would be times where my husband wouldn’t even allow me to go to church. He would be against everything that I would believe.” Angelina and her husband William were constantly arguing over this issue. Like many marriages they started dating as teens, they fell in love got married then had kids “When I met Angelina she was into religion, and she believed in God but not as much as she does now.” William believes that the main factor contributing to her growth in faith is time. “When we were in Mexico we never had time for ourselves, we were always working and if we weren’t working we would be sleeping because we would be exhausted from work. Once we got to the United States I promised her that she wouldn’t have to work anymore, all she had to focus on was the kids and herself so she had a lot of extra time. I guess the extra time she had she dedicated to her faith in God.” As he said this it was clear he was upset, William believed that by going to church every other day and preaching all day Saturday morning she’d focus less on her own kids. And he was
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