Anger And Anger Of Anger

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Walking into a school, workplace, or home with a scowl on your face and it moping around with your head hanging down and your eyes staring at the ground isn’t anger. Anger isn’t serene or tranquility, its an outburst of frustration. Anger is holding your breath till your face turns blue and not being able to breathe. Anger is a feeling of resentment and rage (DEFINITION). It’s a feeling of hatred towards someone or something. Anger can build and build inside of you for so long that one day you will just snap. You will start hollering at everyone for something they didn’t do and will start punching, throwing, or tearing things up. Sometimes when people express their anger they may become belligerent. Why do people get anger? Is it something that inherited from generation to generation or is just a feeling built up inside for so long that you just become annoyed with everything in life? Anger is an undesirable feeling to have. You start to feel sick to your stomach or start to have a rush of adrenaline to your head or heart. There are different ways people can cope with anger. People will sob, scream, run away, tighten their jaw or clench their fists. The look on people’s faces when they get anger can go from pale to a bright red within a matter of a minute. It’s okay to express your way of anger but there are other times when it’s not okay to express it. Driving down the road, with cars going eighty miles an hour, a car starts to slow down, what do most people do, they

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