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Anglo American Plc is a mining conglomerate and is one of the largest companies within the mining industry. It originally started in 1917 as a gold mining company going by the name of Anglo American Corp; the name was created when the initial starting capital of £1million was raised from U.K. and U.S. sources (Forbes 2006). In 1999, following a major strategic review, Anglo American merged with Luxembourg headquartered Minorco to form Anglo American Plc, with its primary stock exchange listing and head office in London and secondary listings in Johannesburg, Switzerland, Botswana and Namibia (Anglo American 2012d).

Anglo American “operates in Africa, Europe, South and North America, Australia and Asia” and is a
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The group followed the recommendations, allowing a third of the time to carry out research, a third on writing up the report and a third on editing and producing the final piece. After the research had been carried out on all sections, different members of the group began writing up different sections of the report using the information previously obtained. The group then looked over each other’s sections in order to make sure all relevant information was included, to check for grammar and spelling mistakes and to make sure enough references had been used. This was important to ensure all members had a good understanding of each section. Anglo American’s website and annual reports were the main source of information for the company study. The issues surrounding Anglo American during the past year allowed for many relevant news articles to be widely available for use within the financial management section. After the report had been completed, the group booked weekly sessions in the Techno booths with print outs of the completed report, to ensure all members of the group were familiar with all sections. The presentation was then brainstormed and the main points put on a PowerPoint, which then allowed for the presentation to be practiced over a couple of weeks prior to the deadline. Many rehearsals of the presentation were carried out to ensure it
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