Anglo Saxon Poetry Analysis

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Anglo-Saxon poetry was often orally transmitted and was meant for entertainment in the mead hall. it is an old English term for a feast hall, which was often a single building with a single room. Which was meant for feasting and watching the entertainment which was often poetry. “Anglo-Saxon Poetry (or Old English Poetry) encompasses verse written during the 600-year Anglo-Saxon period of British history, from the mid-fifth century to the Norman Conquest of 1066.” (Anglo-Saxon_Poetry, n.d.). One written work from the Anglo-Saxon times was the poem, Beowulf. It was heavily damaged in a fire and was almost lost like it’s other works from that time period. This particular poem idea can be found in many books and movies even if it’s just a short scene. The Anglo-Saxon poetic traditions shaped the epic poem Beowulf’s narrative through honor, bravery, religion and oral expression.
Although the Anglo-Saxons were mainly known for poetry we still know some things about their everyday life, culture and rights. The Anglo-Saxons are really known once they arrived in Britain although they did not reside in the cities and preferred small villages. Most of the building went to ruins because the Anglo-Saxons did not care or know how to fix them. Anglo-Saxon homes were often made of wood and all ages of a family shared a home. Many Anglo-Saxon men wore furs while the women wove wool into a thread for clothing. In Anglo-Saxon times women had a choice on to whom they married. Although in some

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