Anglo-Saxon Women

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Anglo-Saxon is a term to describe any Germanic people during the 5th century until the Norman Conquest. Anglo-Saxon, as discussed Is composed of 3 Germanic tribes; the Anglos, Saxons, and the Jutes. They are also known as the last people who settled in Britain. They started out invading with small number of people, then increased in number, then invaded different areas, and had several kingdoms which were constantly in war at each other.
During the Anglo-Saxons period, growing up for them is actually equal to both boys and girls. Parents treat them equally like for example, it is not only boys who collects sticks for firewood, it is not only boys who fetched water from a stream or well but girls as well. Maybe the only difference when they grew up is that girls were centered to learn housekeeping skills while boys learned the skills of their fathers. Although as time goes by men and women had different roles. Men are of course known as the leaders of the society. They were heads of the households but were not part …show more content…

Even though we say that women today should have equal rights amongst men, we still associate the word women to household activities than to men; therefore, making it just like the practice during the Anglo-Saxon period. Although, they differ in the way that today, there are already more opportunities for women to do in the society. There also equal treatment when it comes to working, wherein jobs that used to be for men only are now also open to women with potentials. Some survey shows that women of today are already known to have a higher rank than men. Some statistics show that there are also families wherein women work while men stay at home and does all the household works. Which shows that somehow, society did change its treatment towards

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