Angry Video Game Nerd Essay

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To conclude my series of papers written for this course, I was assigned to write a film review. I am not particularly well versed in reviewing movies; I barely even watch them, so analysis is going to be rather simple. The film I’m reviewing is a recent, lesser known film titled, “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie.” “What is that?” would not be an out of the place question when presented with that title. This movie is based on the “Angry Video Game Nerd” series of videos of popularity by a man named James Rolfe. In the “Angry Video Game Nerd” series, also commonly referred to as “AVGN”, James Rolfe plays the character of the Angry Video Game Nerd, also known simply as “AVGN”, “Nerd”, or “The Nerd”. In every video, The Nerd reviews a video game, almost exclusively an older one, made before “3D graphics” were possible. He only reviews bad video games, and typically the worst games he can find. The most notable characteristic of these videos, are his angry, creative, vulgar way of speaking. As an example of this speech, a quotation from one of his videos is, “Man, fuck this game, man! Man - Jesus Christ, I'd rather fucking 69 a grizzly bear while shoving King Kong up my ass! I'd rather fucking stand in the…show more content…
This was to cash in on the fact that players of video games supposedly only play games that they hate, and that was because of AVGN. It’s planned to try and get AVGN to review this product, and effectively boost the sales of it tremendously. AVGN is shown to be harassed by people, unrelated to Cockburn Inc., to review E.T.(Referred to as EeeTee in the movie). AVGN wants to put an end to this, and under an agreement with his “manager” and a representative from Cockburn Inc., says that he’ll review both EeeTee and EeeTee 2, if they go to New Mexico and find these legendary buried
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