Angry White Men Analysis

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If you ever scroll down to the comment section of any remotely liberal or feminist news source, video, or blog post, you will probably find a slew of angry comments. These comments are likely from middle aged white men, reacting to whatever the topic is, and often times, ranting about something completely off topic. If the post is explicitly about feminism, the comments are often about feminists hating men, not caring about men’s issues, feminism is not about equality, and other sorts of comments. These commenters, however angry, may have a point. There may need to be more emphasis on men’s issues in feminism. Is there even a place for men in feminism? Can men fully participate or can they only be supporters? Can feminism become all-inclusive so that everyone can be a part of the same movement?…show more content…
How these authors, and men in general,…show more content…
He aligns himself directly with the feminist movement, particularly Black feminism. Neal is well read in Black feminism and looks up to women of the Black feminist movements such as Audre Lorde, bell hooks, and Patricia Hill Collins. New Black Man is primarily about Neal’s own journey from a sexist and homophobic Black man, trying to fit a certain “Strong Black Man” mold, into a “NewBlackMan” who has a multiplicity of identities that will help him raise his daughters and start to dismantle stereotypes and expectations of Black men. He critiques hiphop culture, which perpetuates the Strong Black Man ideal, and even critiques Black solidarity and the Black church, which often exclude the LGBTQ people of their communities. His stance in feminism definitely helps him accomplish his goal of finding new identities for himself and for other black
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