Animal Agriculture Should Be Diminished

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Why Animal Agriculture Should be Diminished All over the world, livestock is raised and killed for our needs. During this process, they release more greenhouse gas emissions than transportation. Livestock has taken over ⅓ of the land on Earth and consumes most of the United States’ water. Livestock is slowly destroying oceans, the atmosphere, and rainforests; animal agriculture is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and causes global climate change. There should be a regulation for the population of livestock so they aren’t taking over land and water, and also so there won’t be so much gas released into the atmosphere from these animals. Like all of us, cows burp and fart; however, when they do it, it affects the atmosphere. Since cows have four stomachs, they have a lot of room to hold methane gas, which is created from the way they digest their food. Whenever cows need to let out some gas, they are actually releasing methane gas from their stomachs. According to the people at cowspiracy in 2014, “cows can produce 150 billion gallons of methane per day.” Because of this high level of gas, the atmosphere is at a higher risk of damaging the ozone layer, which is essential for safe living conditions on Earth. Cows produce methane and then add it to the atmosphere. There is already methane gas in the atmosphere, but cows on their own add up to 26 percent of the total amount of methane emissions just in the United States. That percentage is over ¼ of just the United
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