Animal As We Love Ourselves

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Love Animal As We Love Ourselves

Do animals have feelings too? Yes, of course animals have feelings just like humans do. This means that

if humans are not abused or neglected, then animals should not be abused or neglected too. Imagine someone

walking into a house to be greeted by a dog or cat with bruises, scratches, hungry, and in pain. These animals

have been abused or neglected until they die from suffering. Animals are beaten and starved everyday and

millions of helpless animals die each year because of heartless owners. People need to realize that animals do

feel pain too. Although animals cannot express their feelings like humans can, they still do feel things. For

instance, when someone step on a dog …show more content…

According to the 2014 article “How To Stop The Ten

Most Common Types of Animal Abuse” the most common types of animal abuse include neglecting, hoarding,

shooting, fighting, beating, mutilation, throwing, stabbing, burning, vehicular, signs of animal abuse, dogs get

chained up with no food, water and shelter, untreated wounds, and malnourished animals. Dog fighting is a type

of blood sport in which dogs are forced to fight for the entertainment and/or profit of spectators. Dog fighting is

one of the most heinous forms of animal abuse. Fighting dogs are usually raised in isolation, so they spend most

of their lives on short heavy chains. Animal hoarding occurs when an individual houses more animals than he or

she can care for, which often lead to neglect (when people don’t take care of their pet). Not all people that have

multiple animals living in their home is an animal hoarder. This is why there are many different forms of animal

abuse, people beat them, starved them, and did many horrible things to them.

What causes animal abuse, what makes people to want to hurt these animals. According to the article

“Reasons That People Abuse Animal” by Missimer Rick, animal abuse is usually caused due to some sort of

psychological disorder. Some of the people might have experienced violence themselves. A person who has this

kind of behavior also experienced abused and mistreated by other people. Some of

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