Animal Farm Analysis

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George Orwell’s timeless novel Animal Farm is political satire about the era of The Soviet Union and Communism as an action rather than an idea that was meant to be expressed on paper. In George Orwell’s, Animal Farm, the idea of an authoritarian government lead by animals is played out, literally. The first few chapters of the book and it’s continuous use of the word Comrade and animals referring to their peers as Comrade seems apparent that Animal Farm has communist undertones, alternatively the animals authoritarian form of government is called Animalism. Almost every character represents a historical figure who preached communism. In earlier stages of Animal Farm, The political setting suggested that things were more democratic …show more content…

At-first Caesar resembles more of an anarchist resistance leader who then evolves to a more democratic leader attempting to overthrow an authoritarian government ran by humans themselves. In the film “Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes” dir “Matt Reeves” (2014) There was a quote in which had various similarities to one of the commandments in Animal Farm. “Weak or Strong, Clever or Simple, We are all brothers, No animal must kill any other animal. All Animals are equal” (3). In the film, Caesar’s character evolves with, him wanting to protect the society of apes he has built, even if it means breaking the code of “Ape kill no Ape” (Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes dir “Matt Reeves”). In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Napoleon unleashes his dogs on whoever got in the way of him and what he wanted to accomplish, Napoleon’s careless slaughtering of animals makes him seem that he only wants his power to grow and wants the animals to fear him and his motives, while Caesar does not kill unless he absolutely has to, as his motives are all for protecting the apes around him.
In a sociological standpoint, Animal Farm is not much different from the ape world, The environment is far more diverse in Animal Farm since there are more animals

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