Animal Farm And 1984

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George Orwell 's views on totalitarian governments were not concealed from public view. He expressed his thoughts and opinions through his books. Among these books were Nineteen - Eighty -Four and Animal Farm, which were his works that most obviously portrayed his disfavor for totalitarian governments. Totalitarian governments are controlled by political authorities who have control of all aspects of society. Nineteen-Eighty-Four and Animal Farm are two different books that have different ways of expressing the same theme. For example, Animal Farm is constructed on a farm and the characters are animals and Nineteen - Eighty - Four is set in a society with actual people. However, they still express how totalitarian governments are …show more content…

The differences in settings between the two books are pretty obvious, but it also affects how the reader perceives the message. The setting in Animal Farm allows the reader to see a totalitarian government in a comical setting, because George Orwell develops the characters with animalistic characteristics. The setting in 1984 allows the reader to see a more drastic version of a totalitarian government, because George Orwell develops characters and plot in a darker way, drastically enhancing the idea of totalitarian governments. This allows the reader to see totalitarian governments. This allows the reader to see totalitarian governments and their con effects very clearly. There are also differences in sub themes, such as physical and mental control, as well as manipulation of technology. Manipulation is vital in Animal Farm for Napoleon because it is a useful weapon when mentally controlling someone. Napoleon is known throughout the book for his manipulation of words, which begin in the beginning when Old Major says his final words. Since death is a very sensitive subject, he uses this to his advantage and gets the rest of the animals to support him. The manipulation continues throughout Animal Farm including the revisions to the commandments on the side of the barn, the exclusion of Snowball, and the lineup of animals on the work schedule for building the windmill. There is a difference between Napoleon and Big Brother 's

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