Animal Farm And Realism In Animal Farm By George Orwell

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The book Animal farm was realist 1945 and written by George Orwell as a mockery for the stile’s regime. George Orwell real name was Eric Blair born 1903 and served in the Indian Imperial Police in burma accordingly to the book Animal farm page (xi) Introduktion. He didn't want to feel oppressed by his job so he resign and started working as a freelance journalist and novelist. The new jobb he got didn't provade well and he lived most of his life in poverty until his death 1950. The book Animal farm begins with a written picture of how miserable their animal lives is at the hands of Mr. Jones. The narrator does not describe much about the environment itself or about dates in the book, but you can read about how different seasons are presented …show more content…

All animal are equal. This laws was meant for equality between animals and erasing the human way of life, sow that they don't become corrupt. Napoleon slowly starts to change this, by first blaming everything that doesn't go right on Snowball and making squealer lie about Mr. Jones coming back if the animals does not do as Napoleon wants, and then by starting to change the laws slowly. He started by changing small things to them so that every rule has an exception. The animals who can't read or write are blinded of Squealers propaganda as he fill’s their pride. They all think that at last they are able to take care of themselves and that the old days was much worse. Day by day and as year goes by the animals gets more and more brainwashed. Soon Napoleon is seen by the reader as something evil as he sets terror by killing other animals and taking the hens eggs. Napoleon becomes the one and only dictator for the farm while all the pigs start to behave more like the humans that the ones hated so much. The pigs start to sleep in beds, making alcohol, selling and trading with their neighbouring farmers but no animals complained because they were too afraid and believed that the pigs ware doing it for their

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