Animal Farm: Czar Nicolas II and Farmer Jones Essay

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Animal Farm: Czar Nicholas II/Farmer Jones Czar Nicholas II was the last tsar of Russia and ruled the country during the 19th and 20th century. He was overthrown by his own people because he lacked the leadership abilities needed to run Russia. Nicholas was the eldest son of Czar Alexander III and Princess Dagmar of Denmark. Nicholas became Czar in 1894, after his father’s sudden death, and ruled the largest country in the world which at the time had a population of 130 million people. From the start of his reign, people were starting to get angry at the royal family and wanted a better government ("Nicholas"). Farmer Jones, a character from George Orwell's Animal Farm, is the owner of Manor Farm who treats his animals very harshly. He…show more content…
After the two dictators took over things went back to the way they were when the Czar/Jones ruled. Napoleon/Stalin took control of Russia and famine swept the land again. They were no better rulers than Czar Nicholas and Jones were. After he abdicated, the Czar was allowed to return to Tsarskoe Selo to live with his wife and children in Alexander Palace (Vogt 104). As the civil war in Russia got worse, the royal family were moved to a safer location, the Ural Mountains in Ekatrinburg (“Nicholas”). The royal family and their servants were shot on July 16, 1918 in Ekatrinburg and their remains were burned in a forest nearby (“Czar of Russia Nicholas II”). Other members of the royal family soon fled Russia and went to England, France, Denmark, and other parts of Europe. Jones was not killed by the animals like Nicholas but he eventually died at the Red Lion because of his excessive drinking, the same thing that caused him to lose control of the farm. Czar Nicholas was a king who could not lead his people and eventually lost power because he could not lead his country to prosperity. He cared a lot about his family but did not care as much for his country and his people. Mr. Jones was a neglectful owner who did not take care of his animals or his farm and was eventually forced to leave and give up his power because of his choices. Both of them could have prevented the
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