Animal Farm George Orwell Analysis

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On the surface, George Orwell's novel Animal Farm is about a group of neglected animals that overthrow their owner and take control of their farm. However, under the surface this novel is an allegory detailing the events of the Russian Revolution. Orwell wrote Animal Farm in the response to the corruption happening during the Russian Revolution. This was his first political and artistic purpose. The authors use of anthropomorphism and common diction leads us to believe he intended the novel to be read by the everyday man or lay person. Orwell wrote this as a warning to the readers with its central theme that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts. The author uses a detached 3rd person narrative to describe the events as they unfold in the story. While Orwell uses many stylistic devices in Animal Farm the two that impact the reader the most while developing the message are symbolism and irony.Ultimately, Orwell effectively fuses ( or blends) his “political” and “artistic” purpose into a single powerful work of art in his short novel Animal Farm. George Orwell's essay “Why I Write” is a small bibliography about his experiences with writing and how his writing has changed over time. In this he also includes some of the 4 purposes of writing. Orwell wrote this because he wants to explain the purpose of his writing while also informing them on the other true purposes of why writers write. The author's essay is intended for upcoming writers/authors and his followers. Orwell
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