Animal Farm Satire

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Animal farm is a fictitious story based off Joseph Stalin’s Betrayal of the Russian Revolution. This book was written by George Orwell, August 17 1945. The genre of the book is fiction and political satire. The main characters in Animal Farm are Napoleon, Snowball, Old Major, Squelar, Mr.Jones, Boxer, Benjamin, Mr.Pilkington, Mr.Whymper, Mr.Frederick, Muriel, Clover, Moses,and Mollie. This book took place in the Russian Revolution of 1917 right before the Stalinist Era. The animals living on the manor farm were living in a bad place because their farmer Farmer Jones mistreated the and abused them. The animals had had enough, Old Major the leader of them all and a pig called a meeting of all the animals and told them about a dream he had the …show more content…

This book made me feel upset because the way napoleon was treating the animals was horrendous. This book also aroused my sense of justice because napoleon kicked snowball out because he had big dogs that's not fair and that's politically incorrect. I thought the way George Orwell worded his quote “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” was great and it made me understand how bad these people Napoleon represents are. They use their opinions to bully other people into believing it's a good idea or true. An example today would be Donald Trump he is a loud jerk who bullies people into thinking he is correct. Napoleon pulls out all the stops once he's ruler of the farm. He uses Totalitarianism and doesn’t believe in limits. I would give this books meaningfulness a three because it really made me understand about Donald Trump. I would give this books plot a three because I thought it was really well written. I would give this books hook and attention a two because some parts were interesting and some parts of the book were

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