Animal Farm and Stalinist Russia Essay

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Animal Farm and Stalinist Russia In his book "Animal Farm" George Orwell gives a very vivid and accurate account of what happened in Russia after Czar Nicholas II was forced to abdicate. Being an allegory, most of the characters and events have a parallel in Stalinist Russia. Minor characters in the story also symbolize things that are very relevant to the history of Russia. Mr. Jones is the embodiment of the old government, of the monarchy where the autocrat takes all without giving anything; he is the last of the Czars. Czar Nicholas II lost control because the publishing of Karl Marx's book "Communist Manifesto" led to the successful February Revolution, had ignited the spark of …show more content…

"They were unnecessary, he said, and wasted time. In the future all questions relating to the work of the farm would be settled by a special committee of the pigs and, presided over by himself." (Orwell) This is also very much like the Command Economy that Stalin had made, in which the government made all economic decisions. Stalin's next decision was to build the windmill that he had been so opposed to when proposed by Snowball. Trotsky had proposed a Five-Year Plan for the industrialization of Russia, and Stalin was opposed to it. After Trotsky was gone, Stalin had no economic ideas of his own; "In a word, he put into practice the dictatorship of industry for which Trotsky had called five years earlier." (Ovseyenko) The windmills, hence, represent the Five-Year plans, or Russia's Industry. As Trotsky gained more power, it was imperative for him to eliminate any who might challenge it, and also to keep a bodyguard around him to prevent any harm from coming to him; maintaining this in mind, he assigned a secret police to assassinate people who were against him and to keep him safe, Napoleon needed his personal army also, and this was the dogs' actual purpose. "When they had finished confessing their crimes, the dogs promptly tore their throats out...." (Orwell) Napoleon then asked if anyone else had any crimes to confess, and they were executed immediately. Pinchfield, one of the

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