Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay

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Animal Farm

Napoleon was able to take command of animal farm using several different methods. He used the stupid animals like the sheep and the dogs, he uses snowball as a non-present "threat" by saying that he is to blame for vicious rumours sent round the farm, probably started by one of the pigs. He also uses the pigs to mingle with other animals and talk about how wonderful Napoleon is and how he is always right.
Also he uses physical things to distinguish him from the other pigs and animals.

The Sheep and The Dogs

Napoleon uses the sheep because they were quite stupid and gullible.
Once he had taught them the maxim "four legs good, two legs bad" they bleated it over and over whenever they were troubled or there was
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He also tells the animals that Snowball is living on a neighbouring farm and is plotting to attack Animal farm. Then later on in the story when the windmill gets knocked down for the first time
Napoleon blames it on Snowball. Also the whole way through the story there are always roomers going around the farm about what Snowball might do next. When Napoleon is getting the animals to confess to their treachery and then slaughtering them they animals all say they have been persuaded to do such evil things by Snowball, whether he came to them in a dream, visited them under the cover of night or got them on their own during the day. I could not quite work this out as I thought that Snowball was just a spoken "threat" and that he no longer had anything to do with any of the animals on the farm.


Squealer is almost Napoleons sidekick. He does all Napoleon's dirty work, and he also goes out to talk to the other animals to make sure they don't say anything bad about him, that they still think he is wonderful, knowledgeable, and always right. Squealer is the messenger.
He is the one who is sent, when the commandments have been slightly adapted, to explain the change, or not as the animals think. One example is when the pigs move into the farmhouse and sleep in the beds. The commandment was changed from "no animal shall sleep in a

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