Animal Farm by George Orwell is an Effect Social Commentary

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Animal farm an Effective Social Commentary
Writers often use social commentary to inform the general population about a pressing issue while at the same time appealing to people’s sense of justice. One way of accomplishing this is through a fable which is simply a short story in which animals are used to convey a moral lesson. George Orwell is a prime example of an author who can use a fable as a social commentary. Orwell makes a parody of Russian communism as demonstrated in the pigs attempt at totalitarian rule, there manipulation of the working class and the pigs evolution into the capitalists they initially opposed.
Totalitarianism was a form of government in which a single individual controlled all aspects of life. Using there ridiculous propaganda and rigorous rule, Napoleon portrayed himself as being superior to all the other animals on the farm being labeled leader while everyone else was referred to as “comrade”(pg3). There was inequality between the pigs and the other animals such as how the pigs lived in the farm house sleeping on beds while the other animals had to sleep in the pastures. The pig known as Squealer was responsible for propaganda, and would often change the commandments of the farm so that they would benefit Napoleon. For example at one time a commandment read “no animal shall drink alcohol” (pg. 75). But soon after Napoleon had drank abundance and almost died the commandment was changed to “No animal shall drink to excess” which made it seem as

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