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The purpose of this memo is to provide information on key take always from North Carolina State ERM Initiative Roundtable Summit. Information provide will come from the Eli Lilly, Representative Mr. Nick Lemen, Senior Director of Ethics and Compliance on the topic of Enterprise Risk Management, Communication and Strategy.

Something learned/ interesting or insightful:

Eli Lilley has a commercial focus on human and animal health by developing drugs to slow down the process of diseases. Their focus on human health is in the areas of diabetes and oncology while animal health is centered on scarcity and making food more safe. I learned that there are 416 million people worldwide that are diagnosed with diabetes which is 1 out of 11 adults while in 1985 there were only 1 out of 160 people diagnosed. Eli Lilley has the broadest set of options and alternatives for diabetes patients in the nation and through their Initiative they partnered with the University of Toronto being first pharmaceutical companies to produce human insulin in 1920.They have also placed focus on oncology to help with the improvements where they measure success. Additionally animal health is another
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The Portfolio will help to eliminate confusing and keep everyone within the organization including the board aware of who own what specific risk. I would suggest that they identify their top 25 to 30 risk and create an identification of ERM risks document that is accessible to everyone within the organization and assign owners to them. I would suggest that whatever you do connect it to your business it has to make sense. Do not use actually what Eli Lilly is using but what works for their particular organization. For example, Eli Lilly use the low, medium, high impact due to their long horizon this model may not be the best approach for other
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