Animal Research Speech

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As we all know animal research has developed a mostly bad reputation. Although there many downfalls of animal research, there are also many benefits to it as well. Many people seem to think that animal research can't be good in any way, but they don't have a clear understanding of the topic. I'm up here talking to you today to show you the many ways that animal research and testing has many benefits for humans as well as animals. A lot of people are misunderstood by the whole idea of using animals to help find cures, but these cures aren't just for our needs they help animals too. Even I as a young child was convinced that animal research was bad for the animals involved in this. I used to watch this cartoon about this family of mice and the father of the family was used for animal testing. In this movie, the father never returns to the family. This cartoon is convincing children a young age that animal research is bad. People often only look for the bad in something, tell …show more content…

Millions of diseases that have killed many people every year, in the past, are now treatable or have been eradicated completely All of this came from lab animals. In fact, it's not lab animals that help us with our problems. Cattle have helped create the world's first vaccine, which brought an end to smallpox. Studies ran on moneys, dogs,
Running Head: BENEFITS FOR ANIMAL RESEARCH 5 and mice have led to the polio vaccine. Many drugs used to fight cancer and many other diseases have been developed from research done on primates. Yes, there are some disadvantages to using animals for research. If people could look past the bad stuff and look at all the good things that have come from animal research, they might support it a little bit or even a lot more and stand for the experiments ran on

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