Animal Testing And The Medical Field Essay

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When people hear the phrase “animal testing” they tend to have many reactions. Some think that it should not be allowed, while others think that science could not survive without it. Many advances have been made in the medical field because of animal testing, and the process of eliminating it from existence will be extremely difficult (Ericson, 2014; Daston, et al., 2015). Due to the controversy surrounding the subject people might not know all of the facts. Through our research we have found information relating to the medical benefits, ethical problems, and ways to make animal testing moral. Understanding more of the facts associated with animal testing, allows knowledgeable decisions to be made on whether or not animal testing is needed and what could be changed. When more people understand the basics of animal testing and the different arguments and questions circulating in the scientific community, changes will come faster.

Ethics Requiring animal testing prior to human use was thought to be a way of protecting human lives. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires animal testing for the approval of some medications before they allow it to be sold (Stachura, 2008). 95 percent of medications that have been approved by the FDA through animal testing has later been destroyed because the medication has no effect on humans or is dangerous to the humans (Stachura, 2008). When Vioxx was released into the market, 239 patients took the medication and

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