Animal Testing Is Morally Wrong? Essay

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Humans are animals, and as such it is morally wrong to use them to test pharmaceuticals intended for use by humans. Those who support animal experimentation believe it is a necessary evil, in part due to the false information put out by the media. The so-called benefits of animal testing have not helped humans for years, yet in many countries the law still requires researchers use animals to test their medications. In fact, although alternatives have been found, few steps have been taken to put an end to animal experimentation. Unfortunately, the way the activists present their argument that is one main reason they are not taken seriously, even though their points are valid. Animal testing is morally wrong and has not benefited humans as the media has claimed, but there are alternatives, such as new technology, if only humans would take the first step. Animal testing is inhumane and unethical based on the scientifically supported claim that humans are also animals. Animals deserve to be treated on the same level as humans and humans have much to learn from them. One could argue an extreme point of view that testing animals is similar to testing a family member, such as a cousin. In Ferdinando Boero’s “Humans Are Animals,” he takes the stance that anthropologists and zoologists are in the same scientific sector. His claim is supported since humans are animals, then zoology is a part of anthropology. They can use this to help contribute to each other’s research, if only

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