Animal Testing Persuasive Essay

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What do you know about animal testing?
Do you know that the lipstick that we use to make ourselves look better but blinded millions of innocent animals? Do you know that the perfume we use to make ourselves smell better but poisoned millions of innocent animals? Do you know that the medicine we had to make ourselves feel better but killed millions of innocent animals? Animal testing is the ‘ugly secret of beauty industry’ and ‘darkness portion in medical field’.
As a member in Australian animal protection society, I strongly disapprove any cruel actions on animals and have an outcry on banning animal testing used in both cosmetic and medicine field.

First of all, animal testing costs a large amount of money and time, but we can’t see enough return on the investment. Some animal tests take months even years to analyze the data and experimental results. It costs thousands even millions of dollars to examine animals’ reactions. However, inefficiency still occurs. It’s impossible for scientists to evaluate the potential effects of more than 100000 chemicals even though excessive expense investment on animal testing. See, costs overweigh benefits. Is this worthy for you, Australian government, to waste innocent animals’ lives to achieve uncertain success?

Moreover, another cost is animals’ lives that trigger an intense argument on ethics and morality. As mentioned by Alex White in herald sun, April 9,2017, an overview of animal testing for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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