Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing is intended to express the use of animals in scientific research. Every year more than 115

million animals around the world have been used in laboratory experiments (Human Society

International,2012). They include animals that are generally used in medical research such as

cats, dogs, guinea pigs, mice, rats and monkeys. This experience has a major role in the progress

of medicine. For example, it has been used in the development of drugs and surgical procedures

and artificial body parts. Galen of Pergamum, a Greek physician who has been known as the first

scientist who performed experiments on living animals during the second century ( Hajar,2011). The early trials

conducted before the development of …show more content…

Many developed countries, developed a more

comprehensive regulatory framework. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration demands to test

new products on animals, and exclude most animal-related laws.

It also organizes experiments by 3 ways: First: the Animal Welfare Act, which is the only federal law which sets

basic standards for the care and treatment of animals in laboratories, but exclude mice and birds used in

research purposes, which represent 95% of the experimental animals (Human Society International,2012) .

The law requires notification of the number of laboratory animals used in research. It also imposes on each

institution to have the committee use and protection of animals, the researchers consult with veterinarians in

the organization they work for and with this committee on any experiments planned to take place on the

animal, and the committees to review to determine whether the use of animals is guaranteed or not, and also

the review of the protocols to see whether it can reduce the use of animals or replaced in order to reduce

suffering. Under the terms of the animal law, Scientists can also perform any action on animals if scientific

justification provided. And they have the commission to make sure researchers study other alternatives on non-

use of animals and search for alternatives and report to the commission on the search result. If alternatives can

not be found, the

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