Animal War Narrative

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The sirens scream in my ears like newborn babies, their flashing lights paint the walls, a beacon of terror. I am a field mouse, surrounded by eagles. I am a seal, with no escape from the preying orcas... and it’s feeding time. The smell of burning rubber wafts through the holes in the walls of this house, a house that was once a home. Another car speeds past, and I pray to God, whoever he is, that Ellie and Carl aren’t in the backseat. I know they are too clever to be caught out in the open, but the pigs are getting smarter, they’ve started invading entire apartment blocks now... or whatevers left of them. I hear a yell from the direction backdoor of this empty shell of a house. I have to leave. I scramble to find the backpack, but all I feel…show more content…
I hear the slow murmuring of the regime’s motorcycles buzzing around the streets, harassing and seizing innocent civilians. If I’m away from them I’m in a good place. So I head to the old train station, using a path that I know is free of all security cameras and bugs, hoping that Ellie and Carl are safe… and have what we need. Ever since the police and the rest of the forces turned against us citizens, they’ve been patrolling most of suburbia, so I haven’t been home for almost a month. The manic shouts of those new age “popes”scream at me for attention from the lounge rooms TVs of passing houses and the faces of electric billboards. I hear them preach, about the perfection of our city, about us being God’s last hope, and about the absence of other civilisations. About how we are all that's left of the world that was. I wish someone would change the channel already, but for the last few weeks, it's the only station that's had a…show more content…
I drop down behind the rusting carriages in hope that nothing will notice me, even though I’m almost positive there's nobody about, considering it's almost time for The Gathering. I run to the door and slowly knock the pattern we’d agreed on using as our password, so to speak, a bit like how we used to unlock our phones. Man, I miss them. The rhythm is echoed back, and the door, being the rusty old slab that it is, creaks open. I see Ellie's face, grinning. Ellie hasn’t smiled like that in a very long time, so it must be good news. “Did you get noticed?” I whisper “Have you got it? Where's Carl?” Her smile widens so far it appears to be too big for her face. “We got it, Kas. Carls over there” She points to what were once the row of chairs passengers-to-be would wait in for their train. But today, there is only one passenger, who's waiting for a train that won’t come, waiting for a ride across the border and out of here. “Hey, man. Got it?” I murmur, anxious to see. He nods in acknowledgement, then raises his hand to his lap and hands me a small, glass panelled Victorian snuff. His eyes twinkle. “Your welcome, man.” I relax, a bit disappointed. I was expecting a lot more than a box of tobacco. “That’s it? What good is this to us? We couldn’t blackmail a rat with
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