Animal Welfare In Agriculture

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Animal welfare of farm animals is one of the most wicked issues facing America today. The amount of impact agriculture has on our country makes this issue complex and insolvable. Before tackling this issue however, it is first important to understand the vicissitudes in how society views animals, the importance of ideologies and how they impact modern agriculture, and how the agricultural industry has changed in the last fifty years.
Over the last few decades, public perception of agriculture has shifted, and societal ethics of animal treatment have changed. Fifty years ago, dogs and cats would never be considered “part of the family”, and treated as so like they are today. Animal welfare was also not on the forefront of the average American’s mind. Socio-ethical change such as this, has increased rapidly and it is important to understand the vital role it plays in the wicked issue of animal welfare in agriculture.
Before delving into societal (social) ethics, it is important to understand the difference between Ethics1 and Ethics2. Ethics1 (morality) is the set of beliefs that society, individuals, or a subgroup of society hold about good and bad, right and wrong, justice and injustice, and fairness and unfairness (Rollin, 2006. pp. 31). Ethics2 on the other hand, is the logical examination, critique, and study of Ethics1. Dr. Temple Grandin is a prime example of someone who has encroached on both domains. Much of her work has improved the way in which we handle animals

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