Factory Farming Essay

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Imagine living in a confined two-feet-wide gestation crate, unable to move, standing on concrete floors waiting to be fed, day after day until it is time to be taken to the slaughterhouse, and become a menu option to accompany someone’s sunny side up eggs at an American diner. A photograph taken inside an industrial animal factory emerged on the internet exposing the factory’s standard and inhumane practice in the United States. Rows and rows of hundreds of pigs in single crates can be seen in a dimly lit football field sized shed, unable to roam freely across pastures while feeling the warmth of the sun. The photograph exposes the reality of how harmfully animals are being raised and killed for food as though they are unfeeling machines. Old MacDonald had a farm until the agricultural business, also known as agribusiness, evolved and started building larger and new mega factories imprisoning animals until they are shepherded into trucks on their way to being murdered. Animals can love, animals can think, animals can dream, and animals can surely feel pain. There is a quiet holocaust taking place in the animal kingdom, and there is so much that has to be done, but there is hope.
Human attempts to make animal agriculture efficient through factory farming has caused unexpected problems, and some are not easily overcome and impose continuous costs. In the Unites States, farming and the meat industry are controlled by a few, making it a monopolistic multi-billion-dollar

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